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Can I take action if I'm harmed by a nurse?

When you go to the doctor's office or to a hospital, your primary contact is likely the nursing staff. You might have already thought about how serious it would be if your doctor was negligent or caused you harm, but most people haven't thought about how serious it is when a nurse does the same thing.

You do have the option of seeking compensation if a nurse is the person who does harm to you when you are seeking medical care. This can occur in a variety of manners.

Get help when you are injured by a medical professional

We recently discussed preeclampsia and why it is so important that a pregnant woman who has the condition receives an accurate diagnosis. If you recall, this condition can be devastating for the mother and her unborn baby if it isn't diagnosed properly and treated swiftly. This isn't the only condition that can affect a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

Pregnant women need to be monitored closely while they are pregnant. This is especially true if the woman has any risk factors that place her in a high risk category. We know that it might be a pain to have to go to the doctor often, but making sure that you go can help you to receive the care you and your unborn baby need.

Understaffed nursing homes pose a risk for residents

If you have a loved one living in a nursing home or continuing care center, you probably performed your due diligence in terms of checking out the home and its staff to make sure the environment is safe, comfortable and enjoyable. You cannot always get the complete picture just by reading online reviews or touring a facility, however. A serious problem affecting many of these facilities is understaffing.

Why understaffing occurs

Is using cameras in nursing homes a good idea?

Leaving a parent in a nursing home is not an easy decision, and you may worry about how well the staff is treating your mom or dad. It is a valid concern as abuse and neglect are common in nursing homes, even when unintentional. It can be hard to detect abuse or neglect depending on the mental and medical conditions of your parent. A few states have addressed this problem by allowing cameras in nursing homes to monitor safety and help in litigation. However, this solution is not as cut and dry as it may seem.


Preeclampsia that isn't properly diagnosed can cause problems

A pregnant woman has a lot to think about. Throughout her pregnancy, she is trusting that the medical professionals covering her care will take care of any possible issues so that she and her baby can make it to the end of the pregnancy without harm. For some women, this doesn't occur. It is possible that a woman can suffer from preeclampsia and not be diagnosed by her medical care team.

Preeclampsia is a condition that revolves around high blood pressure. A diagnosis of preeclampsia can be made if a woman has two blood pressure readings of 140/90 that are taken at least four hours apart. If this is noted, the medical care team should monitor her closely and create a treatment plan to help keep her blood pressure down.

Know the 5 rights that can reduce medication errors

The medical team members who administer medications must ensure that they are giving the right medications to the right patients using the right method at the right time and in the right dose. Those five points are known as the "five rights" of medication administration. When those five points are verified for each mediation administration, the risk of medication errors declines significantly.

Of course, these five rights aren't comprehensive. Medical personnel might need to use other methods to ensure that patients get the proper medications. Some medical facilities might add more steps, questions or assurances to the process. Examples include ensuring the medication is given for the right reason, in the right combination with other medications or through the right intravenous line or intramuscular location.

Springtime riding dangers for motorcyclists

Many motorcyclists in Greenville are ready to roll out their bikes for the season. Spring is here, and with it comes its own set of road hazards. Bikers should learn more about the riding dangers they face so they can protect themselves.

Poor road conditions

Smooth riding surfaces are a biker's best friend, but the winter season often leaves behind damaged roads that are full of potholes and cracks. Asphalt or concrete that is in poor condition can ruin traction and cause tires to slip, sending the motorcycle into a slide that leads to road rash, broken bones and other serious injuries. Sudden loss of steering control can also trigger falls and collisions.

Birth injury damages shouldn't fall on the parents

Birth injuries can come in a variety of forms. Last week, we discussed how some birth injuries can come with a doctor doesn't act quickly if a fetus is in distress. This is only one of the causes, but it is also one that is preventable. We know that all parents who are expecting a baby want the baby to be born healthy and be able to leave with the mother. This isn't always the case. Some babies do suffer harm at the hands of the medical professionals who are supposed to keep them safe.

When your baby is harmed by a doctor, you might opt to take legal action. This legal action can help you to provide your child with the medical care and assistance necessary. You shouldn't have to wonder who you will be able to afford these items when you weren't the person who caused the harm to your child.

What is fetal distress during labor and delivery?

When you go into the hospital to have a baby, the medical team is going to monitor your baby. This can be continual or periodic. In either case, this provides an important glimpse into how your baby is tolerating the stress of labor. If there are any issues, the medical team can spring into action to help your baby.

What kinds of issues are the team looking for?

Errors in the emergency room can lead to legal claims

Going to an emergency room for medical care is supposed to provide you with care that can save your life, not harm you. Sadly, some people who seek help in an emergency room don't get the care they need for one reason or another. In these cases, the person might wonder if they have a claim for medical malpractice.

Emergency room errors can involve several different types of issues. You might not be properly diagnosed. You might be triaged as a non-priority case when you really have a life-threatening condition. You might not get the correct medications or treatments in the emergency room. You may end up being neglected while you are in the ER.

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