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Do you have whiplash after a car accident?

If you are in a car accident, it is likely you will suffer from whiplash. When your head abruptly jerks forward and/or backward, it can damage your neck. Anything from a fender bender to a catastrophic crash can result in neck injuries. Whiplash can result in various short- and long-term problems. 

Thankfully, you may be able to get compensation for the medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages you incur due to the at-fault motorist. Here are some important facts to know about whiplash so you can build an effective case. 

Attorney focus areas in the Upstate

Most people who practice law are focused, educated and have the ability to adapt and learn as the situation demands. However, the direction of that focus and aptitude also plays a role in which cases a specific lawyer or firm may excel at handling.

The Upstate has no shortage of qualified attorneys. Therefore, many firms and individual practitioners of the law focus their efforts on resolving issues in a single area of South Carolina or federal legal dispute. Even single areas of the law are sometimes full of complexity. As an illustration of this, here are some of the types of personal injury cases common in the Greenville area, along with some details explaining how each is unique.

Signs of malnutrition for nursing home patients

The vast majority of nursing homes in South Carolina are safe places for elderly citizens to live. However, there are always a few bad residences no matter what state you are in. Numerous complications can arise in patients due to abuse or neglect, and one of the most common for nursing home residents is malnutrition

When family members visit a loved one in a nursing home, they should keep an eye out for any signs something is not right. The nursing home resident may not feel comfortable divulging such information for fear of upsetting the family. Therefore, it is up to family members and friends to watch out for common symptoms of malnutrition. 

3 things you should do immediately following a car accident

Car accidents occur at an alarming rate, and the freeways in and around Greenville do not escape this statistic. If you ever experience a motor vehicle accident whether on the freeway or surface streets, it can wind up jarring you physically and emotionally.

After suffering a crash of any kind, you should prepare yourself for what comes next. Take a look at three things you should do immediately following an accident to ensure you retain your rights and safety.

How to identify bed sores

There are numerous types of injuries senior citizens can sustain in nursing homes. One of the most common is bed sores

Loved ones need to pay attention to the warning signs someone suffers in a nursing home. Bed sores can be difficult to spot, especially if the senior typically lies in bed all day. These sores can be painful, so it is critical to take immediate action when you identify them. 

3 tips for celebrating the holidays in a nursing home

While you are looking forward to spending the holiday season with family and friends, it may be a little different this year. Perhaps a parent, grandparent or even a dear friend is in a nursing home this time around. You may be wondering how to celebrate the festivities in this situation. 

Observing a holiday in a senior care facility does not need to feel uneventful or sterile. Here are a few tips for having a joyful celebration with a loved one in a nursing home. 

Can injuries show up long after a car accident occurs?

Most people think that if they feel fine after a car accident, they were lucky and escaped without any injuries. While this is true in many cases, there are also some cases in which serious injuries do not show any symptoms for hours, days or even weeks after the car crash.

Injuries that do not show up immediately after a car accident are sometimes referred to as "delayed onset" injuries because symptoms show up with a delay. A common type of delayed-onset injury is the traumatic brain injury. It is important to know the typical symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, so you can spot it if it ever happens to you or someone you know.

Pedestrians and the danger of quiet hybrid cars

A new study shows an alarmingly large number of pedestrians lose their lives each year as a result of motor vehicle accidents. In 2017, approximately 6,000 pedestrians died as a result of a car striking them. This indicates an increasing trend in the number of cars that hit people each year. 

While there are many potential reasons for this trend, there is one source of pedestrian accidents that has increased in recent years. More people than ever drive electric hybrid vehicles, which are extremely quiet. With most vehicles, someone walking or riding a bike could hear a car approaching and have some time to react accordingly. However, if a pedestrian attempts to cross a street at night, then he or she may not hear a hybrid vehicle approaching. The quietness of the vehicles can also make the driver laxer while behind the wheel. Vehicles with standard combustion engines tend to be noisier when the car travels fast, so motorists have a sense the car is well over the speed limit. With quieter vehicles, the motorist may be completely unaware of the speed of the car, which can drastically increase the severity of injuries if involved in a collision. 

What is placental abruption?

As a mother-to-be in South Carolina, you likely spend a good deal of time thinking about the health, safety and welfare of your developing baby. You also likely do everything possible to ensure that both (s)he and you have everything needed for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. No matter how careful you are, however, once you reach your third trimester, be on the lookout for placental abruption

Placental abruption is a reasonably rare but serious pregnancy complication wherein the placenta detaches from your uterine wall prematurely, thereby depriving your baby of the oxygen and nutrients (s)he needs. At this point both you and (s)he face grave danger.

When a car crash traumatically injures your brain

As we head into South Carolina’s vacation and tourist season, the number of vehicle accidents likely will increase due to the increased traffic. Sadly, many of these accidents will result in serious, possibly catastrophic, injuries to the vehicle occupants. One of the most disastrous of these is a traumatic brain injury

A TBI is an injury to your head or neck that causes your brain to move violently back and forth in your skull. Depending on the seriousness of this injury, your brain could become dysfunctional in some manner.

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