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3 things to do if you know about nursing home abuse

If your loved one lives in a nursing home, you expect the facility to provide excellent care. Unfortunately, this is not always what happens. Sometimes, your worst nightmare comes true–someone you know and love becomes a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse

When you hear about or personally witness abuse in an adult care facility, you may wonder what you should do. Here are some important steps you should take if you want to report nursing home abuse

3 signs of possible nursing home abuse and neglect

Nursing homes are often an important resource and immense help for adult children with one or both parents who need specialized medical care and attention. However, sometimes nursing homes commit abuses such as neglect, and in those cases, legal intervention is necessary.

Many people do not understand what constitutes nursing home abuse and neglect. It is important to understand the definition of nursing home neglect, especially if your elderly parent or loved one is living in a nursing home. Here are three signs of possible nursing home abuse and neglect. If you encounter these signs, you should investigate further to understand whether your elderly parent is a victim.

Most common signs of nursing home abuse

There are plenty of reputable nursing homes in South Carolina, and many of them have earned a Top Performing rating from U.S. News and World Report. However, regardless of how good a facility may seem, you need to remain vigilant for signs of neglect or abuse. 

Loved ones may not outright tell you they experience abuse in a nursing home, so you need to watch out for the warning signs. Do not hesitate to bring an attorney into the mix, even if you only suspect abuse. 

How safe are South Carolina freeways?

If you drive on the busy freeways that run through Greenville, South Carolina, then you know they can be quite hazardous. Greenville is a busy hub where interstate freeways I-385, I-85 and I-185 bring motor vehicles and 18-wheeler trucks into close contact 24 hours a day. 

Navigating the interstate freeways can be dangerous, especially with long-haul truckers, poor road conditions and distracted drivers. Serious injury can result. Keeping yourself safe is important. 

Driving tips for when there is snow

South Carolina gets a little bit of snow each year. Upstate South Carolina sees quite a lot of snow each year with Caesars Head State Park getting about eight inches of snow each year on average. Other cities typically see less than an inch. 

Driving in snow can be tricky, especially if you have never done it before. Even if there is only a little bit of snow on roadways, you still need to be careful. You want to avoid a collision and potential injury, so follow these handy tips. 

Tips for driving safely in fog

Fog can creep up on you. It settles in quietly and covers everything in its path. It is not like a storm that announces its arrival with thunder. It really does sneak up on you. Whether it is light or thick, fog poses a danger on the road. It prevents you from having a clear line of sight and increases the chances of an accident occurring.

While you may not get a warning there will be fog when you need to drive, you can take control once you are on the road. If you run into fog, it is essential you know how to handle it so you can stay safe.

3 tips for safely driving around trucks on Greenville highways

When you are driving on Interstates 85, 185 and 385, you might be in a rush. Whether you are going to work or going to Atlanta for a night out, you need to be careful on the highway, especially around large trucks. Commercial 18-wheelers can be frustrating to share the road with at times, but it is necessary to keep some safety tips in mind when you are around them. 

Driving safely around big rigs is key to avoiding accidents that can cause catastrophic injuries and death. Keep reading for the best ways to stay safe around commercial trucks with information from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Preventing pressure sores

One serious problem faced by many people in nursing homes is that of bedsores or pressure ulcers. These sores damage the cells of the skin. People who cannot freely move about are at the highest risk for bedsores. Pressure against the skin causes bedsores. The pressure does not even have to be that great; it simply has to cut off the blood circulation to a particular area. Common sites where bedsores occur are on the tailbone, shoulder blades, heels, backs of arms and legs, or on the hip. 

If you have a loved one in a nursing home who has mobility issues, you might want to watch for these warning signs of bedsores:

  • Changes in skin color
  • Swelling
  • The skin feels cooler or warmer to the touch than the surrounding areas
  • The skin is tender
  • Pus-like draining 

Incorrect diagnosis can come from lab reports

People who go to the doctor rely on the doctor and others who are involved in their care to get an accurate diagnosis. Many people tend to think about incorrect diagnosis situations occurring when a diagnosis is missed. For example, a person who has cancer not being diagnosed with cancer so the disease is left unchecked. This isn't the only way that an incorrect diagnosis can occur.

Some patients are finding out that the lab results from biopsy tests are being reported as being cancerous when the biopsy result was actually benign. This is a disturbing situation because it means that patients might actually undergo harsh treatments that are completely unnecessary.

How to store your fireworks safely

Perhaps you bought your fireworks on July 4 and discovered at the end of the night that you had bought too many. No problem - you can save them for another holiday or even for next July 4.

However, if they are stored improperly, that could mean property damage and injuries to yourself or to others. Even fireworks from legitimate manufacturers and sellers do malfunction sometimes. Make sure to follow these guidelines to keep your family safe this summer.

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