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Preventable medical errors demand attention

Medical errors can be devastating for patients. In some cases, those errors can cause patients to die. In fact, more than 250,000 Americans die each year because of medical errors. This is a true crisis for the health care system in this country.

Interestingly, many of the medical errors that occur are preventable. Those preventable errors, such as failing to diagnose a condition or making a misdiagnosis can be prevented. There are several ways that medical centers can try to reduce preventable medical errors from occurring.

Improving training and education for doctors and nurses can help increase patient safety. Often, training is rushed at medical centers. Taking the time to make sure that medical personnel are properly trained can help to reduce errors.

Making sure that everyone involved owns the errors that occur can also improve patient safety. There is no reason for errors to be swept under the rug. Expecting people to own issues is one step in getting those issues corrected. By the same token, medical centers should also have rewards and recognition programs for people who consistently provide quality care is provided to patients.

Even in the best hospitals and medical facilities, medical errors will occur. Any patient who is subjected to a medical error might explore their options for seeking compensation. Claims for compensation can help you to get the money that you need to help you deal with the medical errors, such as an incorrect diagnosis, but they can do much more. They might be able to help bring attention to problems that need correcting.

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