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| Aug 12, 2016 | birth injuries

No woman goes into labor thinking that she wants to be held down during the birthing process or that she wants the medical staff to hold her baby in the birth canal instead of allowing the baby to be born. That happened to one woman at a hospital that claimed to support natural births and the mother’s wishes. That woman suffered a birth injury known as pudendal neuralgia. She opted to seek compensation for that injury and other facets of her birth experience and was ultimately awarded $16 million.

Her case brings up the important point of what is appropriate during labor. The birth team must ensure that they act in a manner that puts the woman’s safety and the baby’s safety at the top of the priority list. In this case, the woman suffered an injury because the nurses physically held the baby in while they waited on the doctor to arrive. As many people probably know, forcing a baby who is coming through the birth canal to remain in the mother can harm the baby and the mother.

We understand that you might be devastated by the birth you had to endure if you were injured or your baby was injured. We know that having to discuss the effects of a birth injury might be difficult, especially when the effects are intimate in nature. We offer you compassionate support when we represent you in a birth injury case.

You mustn’t mistake our compassion for you and our sympathy for your situation as meaning that we won’t be firm with your case. We want to hold the medical professionals who are responsible for your case accountable. We will fight for you to get the compensation that you deserve.



“I was able to trust in the fact that Blake and his firm were handling my case with great expertise and professionalism, which allowed me to spend my time focusing on helping my children heal. March 19, 2011 is a day that changed my life forever, but the day I met Blake Smith forever…”

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“I got my faith back after I suffered so much despair at the hands of a medical community that should be held accountable for fundamental errors that very nearly destroyed me. I will never ever be able to repay Blake Smith for believing in me and my case. Never.”

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