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Medication errors shouldn’t ever happen

In our previous blog post, we discussed how medications that sound alike or are spelled alike can lead to medication errors. That is only one of the errors that can occur when a patient is prescribed medication. In fact, every step of the process from the prescription to the filling and dispensing introduces the possibility of errors occurring.

When you are the victim of a medication error, you can face some very serious health issues. Not only do you face the issues that the medication can cause, you also face the effects of not receiving the proper medication or dosage for the medical condition that was supposed to be treated.

Once you discover that a medication error has occurred, you have to think about your next steps. Obviously, you will need to find out what medical care you will need as a result of the medication error. You will also have to decide if you are going to seek compensation for the error.

If you want to explore the option of seeking compensation, we can help you learn about what the process entails. We can look into what happened at the time of the error and in the moments before. This can give us a good starting point to determine who is liable for the error and where we need to go from there.

When you choose to seek compensation, you are putting your foot down. You are making it clear that medication errors won’t be tolerated and that the people who make them will be held accountable. On top of all that, you are fighting to recoup the financial losses you suffered because of the error.