Birth injuries are traumatic and can have lasting effects

| Dec 23, 2016 | birth injuries

Childbirth is a very dangerous event, even when things are all going according to plan. There are many variables that affect the outcome of the birth. As we discussed last week, one of these variables is the need to have the delivery assisted with forceps. This is sometimes necessary to safely deliver the baby, but it can also be dangerous if it isn’t done properly.

Doctors who make errors or who simply don’t pay attention to what is going on are placing every patient at risk. In the case of a pregnant woman, this means that she is at risk and so is her baby. When something happens to either the mother or the baby, both lives can change significantly.

The cost of caring for birth injuries is considerable. The mother will likely have to take off of work so that she can attend to the baby’s needs. If the mother is injured, the father might have to take off of work to care for the mother and the baby.

If you or your baby were harmed by a medical professional during birth, seeking compensation might be something to consider. This could help you to cover the wages that you were unable to earn because of the injury. It can also help you to cover special assistive devices, medical care, and personal care that are necessary because of the injury.

We know that this is a traumatic time for you. We can help you to learn about what options you have and how to go about seeking the compensation you deserve. No patient deserves to be harmed by a medical professional and no labor and delivery should turn tragic because of doctor’s errors.



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