Forceps deliveries are sometimes necessary but dangerous

| Dec 16, 2016 | birth injuries

Some women who are in labor will need the extra help that comes from forceps. These deliveries are sometimes necessary to get the baby out without having to go through a cesarean section delivery. This isn’t to say that the delivery with forceps is fully safe. There are very real risks that are present with these deliveries.

Your baby faces risks during a forceps delivery. These risks include facial injury, facial palsy, seizures, skull fractures and eye trauma. In some severe cases, which are very rare, the baby can die from internal decapitation or other conditions.

You face risks during a forceps delivery. You might suffer vaginal trauma, which can include cuts and bruising. You might face injuries to your urethra or bladder, which can make urination difficult. You could face uterine rupture or perineum pain. All of these can prolong your recovery and make it difficult to heal from the delivery. These could impact your ability to care for yourself.

It is important for doctors who do forceps deliveries to use proper procedures during the delivery. Failing to take these precautions could result in very serious trauma to the mother or baby. While serious issues are rare, they do occur.

If you or your baby are harmed because of a forceps delivery, you might opt to seek compensation. This could help you to cover medical bills or other costs that you have to incur because of the injuries. If you had to miss work because of the injuries you suffered, you might opt to seek compensation for the missed wages.

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