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Medication errors can impact lives forever

In our recent blog post, we discussed how registered nurses are responsible for a good number of medication errors in hospitals. This shocking news means that many patients who trust nurses to care for them properly might end up being harmed. We know that facing the realities that occur after a medication error can be harrowing.

Medication errors can be devastating. Think about the harm that could occur to a hemophiliac who is given a blood thinner. That patient could suffer from irreparable harm. The same is true for a person who has cancer and is given the incorrect medication instead of the correct chemotherapy drugs.

For the patients who are left to live with the effects of medication errors, life may never be the same. More medical care appointments might make living an enjoyable life more difficult. For this reason, as well as to hold the person who committed the medication error responsible, some patients opt to seek compensation.

There are many different types of medication errors that we can investigate and take action on. Dosing errors, incorrect medications and failure to check for known drug allergies are some of these. In each case, we take the time to review the circumstances that are present when the error was made.

We know that your life is probably a whirlwind of activities you never thought you would have to face. We can’t make those go away; however, we can handle the legal aspects of your claim for compensation so that you can focus on the other points in your life that demand your attention now.