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Most common causes of accidents in Greenville

Car accidents happen so often on the roads in Greenville that it is not uncommon for you to see them on a daily basis. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, there were 1,399 fatal motor vehicle wrecks in South Carolina in 2015. Knowing the common causes of these accidents can make it easier for you to take preventive measures in the future so you do not become involved in one.


If you are driving and your attention is not on the roads, your driving behavior and on the actions of other motorists, you are distracted. Distracted drivers are not fully aware of what is happening on the roads and are often unable to respond in an appropriate manner or fast enough to avoid collisions with other motorists.

A good example of distracted driving is when you remove your eyes from the driving field to look at a photo on your passenger’s cellphone and comment on it. Doing so causes you to miss the vehicle that cut right in front of your car and the vehicle that is tailgating you. Once your attention is back on the road, you may feel inclined to make sudden driving maneuvers that increase your risk of collision.


You should not consume alcohol if you plan to drive a vehicle. When you jump in the driver’s seat after having as little as one drink, you may not be able to drive safely. Even though you may not feel like you are intoxicated at the time, alcohol can affect you in several ways without you fully realizing you are under its influence. Drivers who operate vehicles while they are intoxicated are unable to make good and timely driving decisions. They have trouble staying focused, alert and aware of their current situations and are a big risk to other motorists. Their driving actions may also become erratic and unpredictable.

Reckless driving

If you are speeding and ignoring the posted speed limits, driving through yellow and red lights, riding excessively close to vehicles in front you or aggressively driving in a manner that puts other motorists at risk, then you are exhibiting signs of reckless and careless driving. You should take your time and remain calm whenever you are on the roads to prevent minor and fatal car collisions.

Driving is a big responsibility and privilege that you should always take seriously. If you were in a car accident and are having difficulties dealing with the aftermath of the incident, you should discuss your situation with an attorney.