Birth injuries can lead to life-long effects

| Feb 17, 2017 | birth injuries

We recently discussed how superobese women have considerations during labor and delivery that need to be studied more. Of course, this is also true for a variety of other situations that occur in labor and delivery. All women who are going to have a baby should understand the risks that they face. They need to be aware of the options they have regarding the birth process.

One thing that is universal in labor and delivery is that the mother and baby must be kept as safe and healthy as possible. When there are challenges, it is up to the medical team to decide how to handle the situations. Oftentimes, the situations that occur are very serious. They can sometimes lead to the woman needing to have a surgical delivery or have other assistance with the birth.

If the medical team doesn’t take proper care of the woman and her baby, one or both of them can suffer harm. In these cases, the woman might choose to seek compensation for the injuries that occurred. This can help to cover future medical costs and related costs that only occurred because of the birth injury. We can help you to determine the amounts associated with the injury.

These cases are sometimes very difficult because we have to show that the medical team should have know that action was needed but didn’t take that action. We also have to show that the actions, or lack thereof, led to the harm that was suffered. Finally, we have to tie the financial losses that you suffered because of the injury.



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