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Birth injury damages shouldn’t fall on the parents

Birth injuries can come in a variety of forms. Last week, we discussed how some birth injuries can come with a doctor doesn’t act quickly if a fetus is in distress. This is only one of the causes, but it is also one that is preventable. We know that all parents who are expecting a baby want the baby to be born healthy and be able to leave with the mother. This isn’t always the case. Some babies do suffer harm at the hands of the medical professionals who are supposed to keep them safe.

When your baby is harmed by a doctor, you might opt to take legal action. This legal action can help you to provide your child with the medical care and assistance necessary. You shouldn’t have to wonder who you will be able to afford these items when you weren’t the person who caused the harm to your child.

We know that you want what is best for your child. Being unable to do that is difficult. When you have a child who is severely injured, you might find that he or she needs around-the-clock care at a more intensive level than what daycare can provide. In this case, you may have to stay home with your child.

When you make the decision, or are forced to decide, to stay home with your child, you lose your income. This means that at a time when you need more income, you are forced to live on less. That is a challenging place for any parent. We can help you explore your right to seek compensation so that you can decide how to handle your situation.