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Springtime riding dangers for motorcyclists

Many motorcyclists in Greenville are ready to roll out their bikes for the season. Spring is here, and with it comes its own set of road hazards. Bikers should learn more about the riding dangers they face so they can protect themselves.

Poor road conditions

Smooth riding surfaces are a biker’s best friend, but the winter season often leaves behind damaged roads that are full of potholes and cracks. Asphalt or concrete that is in poor condition can ruin traction and cause tires to slip, sending the motorcycle into a slide that leads to road rash, broken bones and other serious injuries. Sudden loss of steering control can also trigger falls and collisions.

Unpredictable weather

The spring season is known for its unpredictable nature. Rainy conditions can occur at any time, reducing visibility and increasing the number of slick spots on the roads. Bikers should plan their excursions with the weather in mind whenever possible. Riders who end up caught on the roads when inclement weather conditions appear should pay extra attention to hazards such as standing water, as well as being on the lookout for poor behaviors from motorists around them.

Intoxicated drivers

Many people who get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol are not aware of their intoxication levels, and the more they drink, the less they are able to accurately judge their impairment. Often, though, riders may be able to identify them by behaviors such as speeding up and slowing down frequently, weaving between lanes or ignoring traffic signals.

Bikers who end up in crashes with drunk drivers usually sustain more serious injuries and property damages than the drivers who cause the accidents.

Riders should also avoid going out on their bikes after drinking alcohol. The physical effects of the substance can lead to poor judgment, hallucinations, slower reaction times and clumsiness. These factors make balance and other maneuvers difficult or impossible on two wheels.

Lack of protection

Many bikers tend to leave their riding gear at home when the weather gets warmer. Riding jackets, helmets and boots may not seem as cool or comfortable to wear, but they can help to minimize the severity of injuries riders sustain. Each year, thousands of bikers crash, and many die from their injuries or end up with severe trauma that often results in the need for lifelong medical treatment.

Bikers who plan to take advantage of the warm spring weather should make safety one of their top priorities. Anyone who is dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident should speak to an attorney about their situation so they can learn more about their options.