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Car accidents can cause traumatic brain injury

A car crash can cause a variety of injuries. One of the most serious can be traumatic brain injury. TBI typically occurs as a result of a violent impact on the brain; thus, car accidents number among the top causes.

TBI can range from severe to mild, and symptoms do not always appear right away. Nevertheless, even mild TBI can significantly affect your quality of life and your ability to make a living.

Severe TBI symptoms

Severe TBI symptoms can show up within hours or within days of the initial injury. These symptoms are hard to miss and may include loss of consciousness, severe headaches, seizures, poor coordination, memory loss and slurred speech. Some sufferers may even fall into a coma.

Mild TBI symptoms

The signs of mild TBI may appear soon after the accident or take as long as several weeks to become apparent. Because they may not take as pronounced a form as the symptoms of severe cases, many people do not take them seriously enough at first. Symptoms to watch out for include headaches, disorientation, nausea, fatigue, vertigo, insomnia, blurred vision, difficulty remembering or concentrating, photosensitivity and mood swings.

Watching for possible signs

Experts caution that even mild TBI includes damage to the brain and needs to be taken seriously. A trip to the emergency room from the accident scene may not reveal the presence of TBI. In the time following the accident, you need to watch for potential symptoms and seek prompt medical attention should you experience any.

Effects of TBI on your life

Depending on the specific symptoms and their severity, TBI sufferers may need a variety of treatments, including prescription medications, surgery and several types of rehabilitative therapies. The degree of possible recovery can also be hard to predict and can vary greatly. Many patients need prolonged treatments to experience improvement and may not ever recover a full range of function. Long-term TBI symptoms can make it hard for some to work regularly or at all, resulting in decreased earning potential.

Getting help

If you believe you may be suffering from TBI as a result of a car accident, you may be able to recover legal compensation to help you cover medical treatments and other losses. Speak with an experienced attorney who can evaluate your case and explain available options.