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Do you cringe when you see a construction zone up ahead?

If you find driving in a construction zone to be an unpleasant prospect, you are far from alone. There is no doubt that construction zones are a pain for many drivers. They slow traffic, thus messing with commutes and trips and often adding many minutes to a journey that already seems way too long.

However, this irritation on the parts of drivers can have negative consequences. For example, fatal crashes in construction zones are more likely from May to September, when people are rushing to fun vacation destinations, and rear-end collisions are more likely to be fatal in these situations than they would be elsewhere. Here are some tips to help drivers stay safe.

Keep your seatbelt on

When the pace of traffic in a work zone seems slower than a turtle’s average speed, it is tempting to unbuckle your seat belt. However, not having your seatbelt on could contribute to a fatal crash. Another car rear-ending you even when you are both traveling slowly can lead to outcomes such as severe whiplash and the inability to work. Also, always keep infants and children in their safety seats, no matter how slowly you are moving.

Avoid distracted driving

Texting on your cellphone and rummaging in the glove compartment when you are behind the wheel are two examples of distracted driving. You may be moving at a snail’s pace in a construction zone, but there is still a lot going on. Lanes are probably narrower, for example, and you might be sandwiched between 18-wheelers. It is important to stay as alert as possible. Also remember that there are workers in the construction zones too, and their lives depend in part on drivers being focused.

If you are setting out on a road trip, it helps to check your route for possible construction zone delays to avoid them if possible. But sometimes even when you take all the right precautions, accidents still occur. If you are in a car accident in a construction zone, an attorney should be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.