Know what options you have when you are harmed by a doctor

| Jun 16, 2017 | failure to diagnose

There are many factors that come into the picture when you don’t receive adequate medical care. Some of the points that come into play with these cases involve the type of care that someone else who was in your situation would have expected to receive. This is based in part on what the medical community would expect a medical professional in the same circumstances to do.

We know that you might not know where to start with your case. We are here to help you learn about what options you have for handling the issues at hand. This can start with looking into the facts of your case to see where we might be able to focus.

The fact of the matter is that medical malpractice cases aren’t always easy to work through. We often have to find someone in the medical field who is willing to testify about the standard of care that was expected in the case. This is something that can prove challenging because of the tightness of the medical community.

Just because these cases are complex and challenging doesn’t mean that we should just let medical professionals who are negligent get away with their actions. Instead, it simply means that we will have to put some work in to get the case moving.

We know that you might want to get some answers to your questions before you make a firm decision about how you are going to proceed. We are here to help you with the initial phase of your case and we will stand by your side throughout the court process.



“I was able to trust in the fact that Blake and his firm were handling my case with great expertise and professionalism, which allowed me to spend my time focusing on helping my children heal. March 19, 2011 is a day that changed my life forever, but the day I met Blake Smith forever…”

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“I got my faith back after I suffered so much despair at the hands of a medical community that should be held accountable for fundamental errors that very nearly destroyed me. I will never ever be able to repay Blake Smith for believing in me and my case. Never.”

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