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NuvaRing at the heart of severe brain damage case

Birth control is something that many women refuse to live without simply because they aren’t ready to have a child. When a woman goes to the doctor to get birth control, she is often presented with various options. These options all contain good points and warnings about possible dangers. Unfortunately, not all doctors take the time to explain the potential dangers of a specific birth control method.

The dangers of some forms of birth control are devastating to the women who suffer from these negative effects. One woman, who was only 17 years old at the time, now requires around-the-clock care because of the damages brought on by her NuvaRing birth control.

Less than three months after a nurse prescribed the birth control method to her, this young lady suffered from cardiac arrest. She now suffers from permanent brain damage. The issue at hand here is that the young woman reportedly told the nurse practitioner about a heart murmur and a family history of heart disease. The nurse practitioner prescribed NuvaRing, despite the fact that it is known to cause blood clots that can lead to heart attacks.

This woman has filed a lawsuit against a hospital based on the fact that the NuvaRing wasn’t removed or named as the cause of the issue when she went to the emergency room with shortness of breath and other symptoms. During that visit, diagnostic testing revealed that she had an embolism in her brain.

Any woman who suffers harm due to her birth control method might opt to pursue a legal claim. Learning about this possibility is necessary.

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