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Attorney focus areas in the Upstate

Most people who practice law are focused, educated and have the ability to adapt and learn as the situation demands. However, the direction of that focus and aptitude also plays a role in which cases a specific lawyer or firm may excel at handling.

The Upstate has no shortage of qualified attorneys. Therefore, many firms and individual practitioners of the law focus their efforts on resolving issues in a single area of South Carolina or federal legal dispute. Even single areas of the law are sometimes full of complexity. As an illustration of this, here are some of the types of personal injury cases common in the Greenville area, along with some details explaining how each is unique.

Wrongful death

As one of the most serious issues in civil law, wrongful death cases are often complex. They could deal not only with the loss of a family member but also the surrounding issues, such as estate planning, child custody and criminal cases.

Product liability

When manufactured products fail to perform as they should, the maker or seller may have to pay for the injuries these failures caused. This involves some of the basic elements of a personal injury suit, such as proving the injury occurred. Also, additional research along with engineering or scientific testimony is often necessary to prove who is to blame for a defective or dangerous product and how that product caused the injury.

Medical malpractice

Similar to a products liability case, a medical malpractice injury may require a specific type of evidence. These cases also usually necessitate an investigation into the bureaucratic paper trail that exists between insurers, hospitals and contracted or outside caregivers, such as imaging centers, laboratories or consultants.

Nursing home neglect

Nursing home abuse and neglect cases are typically complex because they involve specific regulations. To prove that someone is liable for an injury, a litigant would probably have to cite these specific points of negligence in reference to the rules of operating a nursing home in South Carolina.

Every personal injury case is completely unique, and any single claim could involve elements of all of the disciplines of personal injury law listed above. As with any focus, lawyers who practice in this area of the profession usually keep current with knowledge of statutory changes, maintain a network of experts to provide specialized testimony and constantly review relevant state and federal decisions that could affect their clients’ cases.