What to do when you get to the hospital after a car accident

| Dec 4, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

The vast majority of auto accidents that occur in South Carolina result in injuries rather than fatalities. While most people focus on lane closures in the aftermath of a traffic collision, the truth is that people in those cars may have sustained serious injuries in the aftermath of a crash.

Even if you feel all right, you want to go to a hospital immediately after any kind of car crash. You may have suffered injuries that you are unaware exist at the moment. You need to see a doctor to ensure that you are all right and to help bolster your claim in the event that you need to file a lawsuit.

When to go to the hospital

After a crash, you want to get the other driver’s insurance and contact information. You also want to take pictures of the scene. If you suffered injuries, then these tasks may not be possible. Ask a passenger in the car with you or a bystander to take the necessary pictures to help your claim. An ambulance will need to take you to the hospital.

In the event that you feel okay, then you need to take care of everything at the crash scene. After talking to the police, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible. You may need someone to drive you over if you do not want to take an ambulance and your car is inoperable.

What to do when you arrive at the hospital

Once you get to the hospital, you want to tell the doctor everything that happened. You also want to tell the doctor everything that feels off. You do not want to ignore even minor symptoms. A small ache or pain could be an indicator of something larger, so you want the physician to check for everything. Tell the doctor everything that happened in the crash, such as if your knees slammed against the dashboard. Every detail helps.



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