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How to help your loved one after a car accident

If someone you love was severely injured in an accident, they could require a lot more help and support than they may realize or want to admit. Because of this, they may not always vocalize what they want and need.

In these situations, knowing what you can do to help can be crucial.

Help them get things done

People typically say, “Let me know if you need help!” And as well-meaning as this phrase can be, it puts pressure on the injured person. Instead, offer concrete ways to help. Depending on your availability and resources, possible ways to help include:

These efforts can be helpful for anyone suffering from mental and physical injuries after a crash.

That said, perhaps the most critical way to help someone in this situation is to check in with them. Talk to them; listen when they need to talk. Offer suggestions or your support. Invite them places and make sure they feel included.

Keep an eye on their mental health

Serious injuries can take a devastating toll on a person’s mental health. Be mindful of this and watch for signs of depression or other mental health conditions. If you suspect your loved one is suffering, be a compassionate listener and check in on them frequently.

If you are worried about the person harming themselves or engaging in destructive behaviors, encourage them to get help right away and talk to their doctor.

Connect them with critical resources

The legal, financial and medical issues after a serious crash can be overwhelming, and you can help them tackle these tasks.

You might offer to get estimates from auto body shops or organize the paperwork from insurance companies. You can also help them find an attorney if they are going to pursue a personal injury claim.

Giving your support

Above all, reassure your loved one that you are there for them during this difficult process. This is not an easy time for a car crash victim, but knowing that they can depend on you and have your support can be critical to their recovery.