When does a loved one need advanced care?

| Jul 22, 2021 | brain injures

As your loved one ages or faces illness, it can be challenging to organize their care. In the beginning, you are likely happy to care for them. However, as time passes, you may face burnout, or your loved one’s needs may change.

The care you provide is essential to your loved one, but it is equally important to understand how to care for yourself. Often loved ones become overwhelmed by the care they provide and feel guilty about asking for help.

These are some of the signs that it might be time to seek advanced help.

Interfering with a positive relationship

Initially, you may have felt a sense of joy when it was time to support your friend or family member. It was not an obligation to help; you simply wanted to.

As time went on and some of the help you may have had in the beginning started to fade, you may have started feeling drained trying to care for your loved one. Unfortunately, as much as you want to help your friend or family member, showing up for days and weeks can make it difficult.

When you are a care provider, it is essential to be able to maintain a positive relationship with your loved one. If your relationship is becoming strained, you may need to seek respite care or a healthcare facility that can give you the support you need.

Their care becomes more advanced

Health care needs can change suddenly and become more advanced than what you can provide. While some medical professionals are willing to provide training, it could be a skill that is beyond your ability or comfort level.

When your loved one needs advanced care, it could be time to hire professional support or look into a care facility that can provide the treatment your friend or family member needs.



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