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Costly adjustments to make a home accessible for TBI victim

Head traumas that cause traumatic brain injuries have more life-changing consequences than people might think. In most cases, the family members of car accident victims find their lives and home dynamics affected almost as much as the brain-injured loved one. South Carolina caregivers and families must ensure the home environment is safe before the injured person returns from a rehabilitation facility.

Suggested home modifications

After a brain injury, returning home can cause a reevaluation of family boundaries and responsibilities. It may seem like a slow, challenging journey.

Ramps are often necessary to provide easy access to the home and safe egress for those with disabilities. However, more ramps may be required inside if the home has different floor levels. A roll-in shower allows an individual in a shower wheelchair to access the shower immediately.

Ceiling lifts are a great help if the injured person must be lifted frequently. These lifts run on a track mounted on the home ceiling, assisting caregivers in moving an individual safely without causing injury or strain.

If the brain-injured person is a wheelchair user, door widening might be necessary to ensure easy and safe navigation through the home. A door opener system is another helpful modification. It involves installing units that can be programmed with open and close settings to operate with electric strikes or digital keypads, and even outdoor access.

Damage recovery

If the person who suffered brain injuries is the breadwinner, the financial ramification can be severe. However, if another party’s negligence caused the brain injuries, financial relief might be attainable. The South Carolina civil justice system allows accident victims to file personal injury lawsuits. Plaintiffs can document all economic and non-economic damages for adjudication by the court. Successful navigation of the case might lead to a monetary judgment to cover past and future injury-related expenses.