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Multi-vehicle crash on I-26 kills two, injures several

A crash on I-26 involving multiple vehicles killed two and injured several others. The accident happened early in the afternoon on Tuesday, Sept. 28. The South Carolina Department of Transportation had to shut down the westbound lane of I-26 for several hours.

Details regarding the accident

According to reports, an SUV containing the driver, a passenger and at least two other people collided with a dump truck on I-26 near Jedburg Road. The report says that at least two tractor-trailers were also involved in the incident, but it did not specify if the dump truck was one of the trucks. It also states other vehicles were involved but did not offer specifics. Reportedly, the crashed caused more than 100 gallons of fuel to spill onto the highway.

The SUV driver and a passenger were apparently killed at the scene since the report states that the coroner was called to the scene a little before 3 p.m. Two others in the SUV were transported to a medical center for treatment, but no word was given on their conditions. The driver of the dump truck was also treated at a local hospital.

Determining what happened an assigning fault

The report states that authorities are still investigating the crash to determine who was at fault. If the driver of the dump truck caused the accident, that driver and the driver’s employer can be held accountable for damages associated with the incident. The surviving members of the deceased and the injured parties in the SUV can pursue civil claims against the driver and his/her employer to seek reimbursement of damages. If the deceased driver of the SUV is determined to have caused the crash, his or her estate can face lawsuits from the dump truck driver, his or her employer, and any other parties adversely affected by the crash.