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Types of serious injuries caused by shattered glass

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | motor vehicle accidents |

Whether it is a two-vehicle collision, one-vehicle rollover or crash into barriers or buildings, the scene usually is filled with debris. Among the remnants is shattered glass — small pieces and large shards that can cause severe and surprising injuries to drivers and their passengers.

Broken glass stemming from a motor vehicle crash can lead to an assortment of injuries, and some of them may prove fatal due to severed arteries and the loss of blood.

Eye injuries and severe lacerations

Unbreakable windshields often do not live up to this label, breaking in collisions that involve high speeds. In addition, a motor vehicle’s rear and side windows usually cannot endure the force of a crash. Injuries soon follow.

Among the major types of injuries caused by shattered glass in road collisions include:

  • Eye injuries: These may prove to the most troublesome, potentially leading to the permanent loss of vision and scarring. Victims may suffer from short- or long-term vision problems, affecting their ability to work and function in daily activities. A rearview mirror also is a potential source for an eye injury.
  • Severe lacerations: Glass fragments may penetrate a person’s body in any location, potentially causing severe and deep lacerations. Muscle damage, tissue damage, severed arteries and damage to internal organs may prove fatal.
  • Severed limbs: The loss of limbs is possible when shattered glass penetrates the body and into the bone. Surgeons may have to amputate the affected limb to prevent additional damage to a person’s body. An amputation may be necessary to save a victim’s life.

Injuries vary when struck or pelted with shattered glass in motor vehicle crash.

Overcoming challenges

Surface cuts caused by shattered glass are easy to treat. But the more severe injuries likely will lead to a lengthy recovery for any victim. In some cases, disfigurement and permanent injuries are possible. Understand and confront the challenges you may face and fight to overcome them.