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Injuries after a fall from bed lead to medical malpractice suit

Deputies in South Carolina and other states put their lives on the line every day they’re on the job. They deal with many risks and are often injured in the line of duty. A Charleston County deputy was injured while working. During his hospital stay, he was injured further after a fall. He is now suing the hospital for medical malpractice.

A hospital stay gone wrong

The deputy was initially injured when he was struck by a vehicle while assisting a stranded motorist. After the accident, he was taken to a nearby hospital with severe injuries to his brain and other areas of his body. Due to these injuries, he was restrained in his hospital bed because of a fall risk. Hospital staff removed the restraints, even though the deputy’s family believed he still needed them.

After the restraints were removed, the deputy fell from the bed and was further injured. Because of the fall, he had to endure additional surgery to correct severe fractures to his arm and shoulder. He believes that his fall was due to negligence on part of the hospital staff. His lawsuit for medical malpractice seeks damages based on the extent of his injuries.

No one goes into a hospital situation expecting to be injured, but when health care professionals don’t follow proper care protocols, the outcome can be serious. South Carolina residents who believe they are a victim of medical malpractice can benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney. This type of consultation can provide information on how to proceed forward with a case against those deemed to have been at fault.