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Bicyclists at risk for collision in South Carolina

The beautiful weather in South Carolina makes outdoor activities possible year ’round, and bicycle enthusiasts often ride along coastal roadways. While riding bikes is an enjoyable hobby for you, careless or reckless motorists might place you at risk for collision.

There are several things that you can do to improve bicycle safety. It is important to remember that staying alert and cautious while riding a bike is always best, but sometimes not enough to prevent injury, especially if there’s a distracted or drunk driver in your midst.

Always wear bright or reflective clothing when riding your bike

If your clothing is not bright enough when you are traveling by bicycle, you might blend in so much with your surroundings that a passing motorist might not see you. Wearing a neon-colored shirt or reflective stickers on your front and back helps make you more visible to other travelers.

Make sure you are aware of state laws

Before heading out on your bicycle, it’s important to review state laws, especially if you will be riding in traffic. For instance, in some states, bicyclists who are traveling together must ride in a single file formation in traffic. In other states, they have permission to ride side-by-side with another bicyclist.

You are responsible for knowing state laws regarding bicycle travel and are obligated to adhere to all traffic laws, just as if you were a motorist in a car.

Bicycle maintenance is a key safety issue

To be as safe as possible on the road, you should always check your bicycle before riding. Make sure the chain is working right and tires are properly inflated. If a part of your bicycle is not working right and you ride it anyway, you are increasing the risk for a collision because your apparatus might malfunction while traveling.

If a motorist hits you while you are on your bicycle

There have already been many fatal collisions in South Carolina this year, some of which involved bicyclists struck by motor vehicles. Colliding with a moving car while you are on a bicycle can result in severe, even life-threatening injuries. If you survive a collision, it might take a long time to fully recover.

In the meantime, you would likely be unable to work and may even have to stay in the hospital for numerous days or weeks. As a recovering accident victim, you are able to seek financial recovery for damages against anyone deemed responsible for your injuries.