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Nursing home resident dies in possible food-related incident

Choosing to place a loved one in a nursing home can be very difficult for a South Carolina family. They may realize that their loved one needs the care provided in a specialized setting, but families can often worry about the safety of their loved ones while under the care of non-family members. Many nursing homes provide excellent care for residents. But in some cases, nursing home negligence or abuse can cause severe injuries or death for vulnerable residents.

Resident dies under odd circumstances

A nursing home in another state is currently being investigated after a resident died recently. The victim was showing signs of possibly ingesting a harmful substance. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he passed away. They believe the man’s death was related to a negative reaction to something he ate or drank.

Several employees of the facility have been suspended as the incident is investigated. So far, information on what the man could have ingested is vague, but the investigators hope to determine what happened to the man. Naturally, his family will want answers about how their loved one was able to eat or drink something that may have poisoned him.

In some cases, nursing home residents need extensive care throughout the day to prevent them from putting themselves in danger. When a facility doesn’t provide that care and a resident is injured or dies, the victim’s family members may have the option to pursue legal action against those deemed at fault. South Carolina family members who’ve lost a loved one while they were in the care of a nursing home can seek legal advice from an attorney to understand their options.