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Non-disclosure agreements common in medical malpractice cases

Medical malpractice cases in South Carolina may involve private information about the patient and sensitive information related to the patient’s treatment. In many cases, when medical malpractice is proven, the people involved are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they agree to a settlement out of court. This agreement may protect the victim’s privacy, but it also prevents victims from speaking out about what happened to them.

What’s behind the secrecy

Many civil cases may require those involved to sign non-disclosure agreements. This is unfortunate as hearing about others’ experiences can help people who’ve been a victim of medical malpractice feel comfortable taking action against those at fault. Non-disclosure agreements can make the whole situation much worse for victims because they aren’t able to share their experiences with others.

It can be problematic when a medical professional or institution requires a non-disclosure agreement before agreeing to a settlement, but it’s a common practice that isn’t usually in the victim’s favor. This agreement prevents the public from knowing the details of the case and settlement. This not only protects the provider or medical institution from scrutiny, but it also prevents potential patients from being fully informed before seeking care from that individual or facility.

Be prepared for a medical malpractice case

Victims of medical malpractice should prepare themselves for the difficult road ahead by consulting an experienced attorney. Seeking damages due to medical malpractice may require time in court or may be settled out of court. South Carolina victims of medical malpractice should be aware of the possibility of being asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. A knowledgeable attorney can help victims make the best decision based on their circumstances.