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Hilton Head Island accident leaves pedestrian dead

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | car accidents |

Living in a community where many things are accessible by walking, like many communities in South Carolina, has advantages. Walking is beneficial for one’s health and it’s a cost-effective way to get around. But pedestrians also face risks when walking in areas where traffic may be heavy. A pedestrian vs. car accident can be very serious. Sadly, a recent accident left a man dead after he was struck by a car. 

Accident details 

The accident happened on U.S. 278 on Hilton Head Island. A man, who had just left work at a nearby gas station, was crossing the road near Palmetto Parkway on a Wednesday evening. The pedestrian was hit by a car heading west on the highway. There is a crosswalk at the intersection where the man was crossing, but the lighting may not have been sufficient for pedestrians to be seen while crossing in the dark. 

The driver of the vehicle was not injured in the accident. Police are likely continuing their investigation. If negligence was the cause of the accident, the driver could face formal charges related to the victim’s death.  

Legal assistance after a serious accident 

When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, the results are often very serious or fatal. An unexpected accident where someone dies from injuries after being struck by a car is understandably traumatic for the loved ones left behind. When a death occurs, and a negligent driver caused the accident, the family members have the right to pursue a civil case for compensation against the person deemed at fault. While compensation can never replace a loved one, South Carolina families can use the funds to help them with the financial burden that often happens after an unexpected death in the family.