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Nursing home employee fired after investigation

Families in South Carolina go through a lot of emotions when they decide it’s time to place a loved one in a nursing home. While they may know it’s for the best, choosing to put a loved one in someone else’s care can be very difficult. Understandably, there may be worries about the quality of care and attention their loved one will receive. While many nursing homes have wonderful employees and provide top-notch care, other facilities may have employees who abuse or neglect residents, leading to physical and emotional trauma.

Abuse investigation uncovers serious issues

A nursing home in Hartsville was investigated in November after complaints of abuse of the residents by an employee. The facility began an internal investigation and involved local authorities based on the potential criminal aspect of the abuse. The investigation uncovered evidence that led to one employee being suspended and later fired.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control will investigate further to see if legal action should be taken against the former employee or the facility. The Darlington County Sheriff’s Office is also part of the investigation. The families of any residents who were subject to the abuse may have cause to take civil action against those believed to have been at fault.

Where to turn when a loved one is abused

Families have enough to think about when choosing to place a loved one in a care facility. They should not have to worry about their loved one being abused or neglected by those responsible for their care. Tragically, this does happen, and family members have the right to act against employees or nursing homes that harm residents. A South Carolina attorney can help families understand their legal rights and help them take the appropriate action.