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Nursing home under investigation after death of resident

There are many reasons why a South Carolina family chooses to place a loved one in a nursing home. No matter the reason, this decision is almost never an easy one. A family will understandably want to find the facility best suited to meet the health needs of their family member. But sometimes, even when a family feels confident in their decision, things can go wrong. Sadly, an elderly patient in another state died recently after she wandered outside overnight.

Facility under investigation

The 92-year-old woman who died was living in a memory care unit. She had issues caring for herself and needed additional monitoring by staff due to her problems with her memory. Just after midnight, staff checked on her and she was in her room and awake. Sometime between the last check and when she was discovered outside the facility, she was able to get through an alarmed door without tripping the alarm.

It is believed that the woman tried to get back inside but she may have slipped on ice and was unable to get up. Staff found her on the ground the next morning. While authorities do not believe foul play was involved, further investigation may reveal that the facility did not have proper locks or other safety protocols in place.

When a family chooses to place a loved one in the care of others, they expect the best care possible. Getting a call that an elderly family member passed in such a traumatic way would leave a family distraught and looking for answers. South Carolina families have the right to consult an attorney to see if they have a case against the facility for nursing home abuse or neglect.