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Pedestrian killed in Sumter County crash

Drivers in South Carolina and other states are responsible for watching out for vehicles, pedestrians and other obstacles in the roadway. When a driver isn’t cautious, acting recklessly, driving under the influence or otherwise not following the laws, accidents can happen. Sadly, when these accidents involve a pedestrian being struck by a car, the injuries can be serious or fatal. A recent Sumter County accident left a pedestrian dead and authorities still haven’t found the driver believed responsible.

Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal

The accident happened on a Saturday morning on Elliot Highway. A southbound vehicle struck a pedestrian in the area near Ardis Road, leaving the victim with fatal injuries. The circumstances of the crash are still under investigation. South Carolina Highway Patrol is looking for the driver of the vehicle that left the scene of the crash.

When someone is involved in an accident with injuries or property damage, they are legally required to remain at the scene to speak with authorities. Hit-and-run accidents can result in serious injuries or death, especially when a pedestrian is involved. Victims and their families can suffer from devastating life changes due to the negligence of others.

Help for injured victims

When one suffers an injury due to the negligence of someone operating a motor vehicle, there are options to seek justice through the legal system by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Fatalities mean that the victim’s family may be able to sue on behalf of their deceased loved one. A successful lawsuit can provide compensation to help pay for accident-related expenses. A South Carolina attorney can provide advice to victims, so they understand what options they have.