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NFL player files medical malpractice lawsuit

Professional athletes often seek medical treatment for injuries they receive while training and participating in their sport. But athletes are subject to the same risks when seeking medical treatment as everyone else in South Carolina and elsewhere. While most medical treatments do go as planned, sometimes something goes wrong, leaving the patient with serious injuries. When medical malpractice is the cause of the injury, the victim may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the party believed to have been at fault. One NFL player is exercising that right and is now suing his health care providers.

A career-ending injury

NFL players and other athletes often suffer serious injuries, which is why they occasionally need surgery and other medical procedures to recover. Sadly, sometimes, these procedures leave one in pain and unable to perform daily activities or work as they had before the injury. Taylor Lewan, who used to play for the Tennessee Titans, suffered a serious injury and had surgery in 2020.

Mr. Lewan claims that the orthopedic surgeon botched his knee repair procedure, leaving him with permanent injuries, and limiting his career as a professional football player. He was able to return to the field after the surgery but suffered the same injury in 2022. Mr. Lewan’s lawsuit claims that surgical negligence contributed to the reinjury and left him with pain and suffering, among other life-altering issues. He was let go by the Titans and is now a free agent.

Where to turn for help after a medical malpractice injury

A victim of medical malpractice may lose the ability to work and participate in activities they enjoyed before the injury. Medical malpractice injuries can also leave one with debilitating pain and disfigurement. South Carolina victims should be aware of their legal rights after a medical malpractice injury. An attorney can provide guidance on how to move forward with a lawsuit against the parties deemed to have been at fault.