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Be aware of the signs of nursing home abuse

Placing a loved one in someone else’s care can be very difficult for families in South Carolina. Fortunately, there are many nursing homes with caring staff that provide the health care and other services individuals need as they age and face specific health issues. Sadly, though, some families learn that a loved one is being mistreated in the facility in which they live. Knowing the signs of abuse can help a family act if they believe their loved one is being mistreated.

Signs of abuse

Some of the most obvious signs of nursing home abuse are unexplained bruises, fractures or wounds on the body. One may also notice signs of restraint, especially on the wrists or ankles, and broken dentures or glasses. Sexual abuse may result in urinary tract infections, bruising around the genitals, and stains or blood in underwear.

Loved ones may also notice behavioral changes when an elder is abused in a nursing home. Abuse victims may exhibit abnormal behavior like thumb-sucking, frequent crying, or rocking. Victims may seem depressed and not be able to express their emotions or tell their loved ones what is going on.

Help for victims and families

No one wants to consider that a loved one could be abused in a setting where they are supposed to be cared for. Sadly, nursing home abuse does happen, and it can have lasting effects on the victim and their loved ones. Any South Carolina family member who believes a loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home can seek legal advice from an experienced attorney to understand what options they have in acting against those at fault.