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Know the long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries

A traumatic brain injury can occur after a motor vehicle accident, a fall or while playing sports. These injuries can have serious long-term effects but may not be noticeable immediately. South Carolinians who have had a traumatic brain injury can benefit from knowing the signs to look for. Understanding the effects, and being prepared to seek proper medical treatment, can help one better manage the consequences of suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

Know what to watch for

One may think they have recovered from a traumatic brain injury only to have symptoms months or even years after the event that caused it. The negative impact of such an injury can cause both physical and mental harm to the victim. Those who have had serious brain injuries should seek medical treatment for acute symptoms like frequent headaches, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, or convulsions.

Long-term effects of a traumatic brain injury can also include the gradual development of issues related to cognitive function. Victims may have memory loss or trouble identifying familiar objects or people. Some traumatic brain injury victims have trouble sleeping or regulating their moods. Sensory and motor function can also be affected.

Help for brain injury victims

When one suffers a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of another, the victim may have the option to file a personal injury lawsuit against the party at fault. South Carolina victims may need long-term medical treatment to recover and live the best life possible after such an injury. Brain injury victims can learn more about their legal options by consulting with a personal injury attorney.