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Birth Injuries

Blog Posts - Birth injuries

What is placental abruption?

As a mother-to-be in South Carolina, you likely spend a good deal of time thinking about the health, safety and welfare of your developing baby. You also likely do everything possible to ensure that both…

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Birth injuries can lead to life-long effects

We recently discussed how superobese women have considerations during labor and delivery that need to be studied more. Of course, this is also true for a variety of other situations that occur in labor and…

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What is an incompetent cervix?

The cervix is the bottom most part of the uterus. The cervix has to thin out and dilate before a child can be born vaginally. For some women, the cervix is considered incompetent or weak….

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Birth injury case challenges Feres doctrine

Imagine losing a loved one to medical malpractice and being told that you can’t take any action to hold the medical staff accountable. That is the reality that many military families are facing because of…

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What are Erb’s palsy and cerebral palsy?

Birth injuries can come in a host of different forms. Two of the possible birth injuries that a baby can face are Erb’s palsy and cerebral palsy. Both of these conditions are commonly association with…

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