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Common Accidents Due to Weather in SC

It is estimated that there is a car accident in South Carolina every 3.7 minutes. When inclement weather strikes, the number of accidents is bound to rise. Whether it be fog, thunderstorms, hurricanes, heavy rain,…

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Most Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

When you’re out on foot, it’s a golden opportunity to enjoy Charleston’s beautiful weather and beautiful scenery, but it also leaves you vulnerable to dangerous pedestrian accidents. Because nothing comes between you and the immense…

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Overview of Recent Car Accidents in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina, has recently been highlighted in several national and state reports for its concerning road safety statistics. At Parham Smith & Archenhold, LLC, we are dedicated to understanding these trends to better serve…

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Truck driver killed in 2-vehicle crash

Tractor-trailers and other types of trucks are essential to South Carolina’s economy. These trucks haul goods and do necessary work throughout the state every day. But because they travel frequently and are on the road…

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Stay safe during summer road trips

Many South Carolina families enjoy taking road trips during the summer. Planning a trip may involve finding lodging, deciding on activities, and packing supplies for the trip. But it’s also important for one to check…

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Head-on collision leaves 1 dead, injures others

Drivers in South Carolina face the same challenges as those navigating roadways in other states. One must not only drive cautiously but must also try to avoid negligent drivers. Driving under the influence of drugs…

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Hilton Head Island accident leaves pedestrian dead

Living in a community where many things are accessible by walking, like many communities in South Carolina, has advantages. Walking is beneficial for one’s health and it’s a cost-effective way to get around. But pedestrians…

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4 killed in accident on I-77

Traveling on interstate highways in South Carolina and other states comes with risks due to the higher speeds and volume of traffic. Accidents on busy highways can be serious and even fatal. A recent accident…

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Single-vehicle accident kills 1, injures another

It’s bad enough to be involved in a serious vehicle accident, but sometimes, a crash isn’t discovered until many hours later, leaving the victims to suffer until help arrives. Serious accident victims often need immediate…

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Crash in Greenville County claims 2 lives

Driving along two-lane roads in South Carolina can be just as dangerous as driving on the interstate. One of the most common causes for accidents on two-lane roads is a head-on collision caused by a…

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South Carolina car accident claims a teen’s life

Young people often enjoy the freedom driving brings. However, their inexperience behind the wheel sometimes increases their chances of being involved in an accident. Often, these accidents can have disastrous results, as made evident in…

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How wrong-way highway accidents happen

Most car accidents seem to happen in an instant, but none happen more quickly than a wrong-way crash on the highway. Two vehicles traveling 55 miles per hour or faster toward each other can close…

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6 steps to take after an accident

A motor vehicle accident that results in injuries may also result in financial hardships for the foreseeable future. You may find yourself unable to work at a time when you depend on your income more…

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