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Vehicle Accidents

Car Accident Lawyers In Greenville, SC

The ramifications of a motor vehicle accident, whether it involves pedestrians, bicycles or other automobiles, can be some of the most difficult to overcome for injured people. Once a person has been injured, there are immediate medical needs and he or she could be unable to work. The financial strain of these two issues, coupled with the long-term care and employability considerations make recovering an uphill battle.

At Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC we service individuals who have been injured across South Carolina. Our Greenville car accident lawyers work as active investigators in our clients’ cases, going directly to the scene of an accident, to the hospital room and to any place where our help is needed in gathering evidence and helping them get maximum compensation for their injuries.

Our prompt investigations and thorough documentation of injuries have helped countless individuals negotiate settlements or take cases to trial in:

When an insurance company receives a claim for an injury, they do not simply roll over and pay out any amount that the injured person wants. Instead, thorough investigations take place. These companies have the resources to necessary to look out for their best interests financially, which is why any injured individual should have the same level of legal representation.

We do not hesitate to investigate the details of the car accident, reconstruct the scene, obtain witness statements and testimony, and assure you get proper medical treatment for any kind of injury, including permanent or catastrophic injuries. Our attorneys have decades of experience in these matters, and we can work to obtain the maximum possible compensation for your claim.

Greenville, SC, Car Accident FAQs

Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC often receives questions about car accidents and personal injury lawsuits. Below are some of the most common questions and answers.

What Damages Can I Receive In A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

In a car accident claim, injuries and damages can rise quickly. The most obvious damages you can receive in a South Carolina personal injury lawsuit are medical bills, car repair costs, and lost earnings. These are called economic damages because they can be easily tallied on a calculator.

However, you may be entitled to considerably more compensation for your car accident injuries. When someone suffers a serious car accident injury, they could have months of pain and discomfort, as well as the mental anguish of being injured and unable to enjoy life.

Pain and suffering damages are subjective and cannot be added up by looking at medical bills and pay stubs. Your South Carolina car accident attorney will advocate for the most pain and suffering damages possible. The insurance company will probably try to pay you less than you deserve, but your attorney will be your passionate advocate for justice.

Who Should I Sue After A South Carolina Car Accident?

Many parties could be potentially liable for your injuries. It depends on the facts of the case. An experienced attorney at Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC can ascertain who could be liable in your situation.

They could be liable if the other driver was speeding, did not yield, or was under the influence when they injured you. Also, liability can be shared among several drivers if it was a multi-vehicle accident. The auto manufacturer could also be at fault if a product defect contributed to your injuries.

How Much Can I Get In A South Carolina Car Accident Lawsuit?

Everyone wants to know this question, but there is no one answer. Any personal injury settlement or award you receive is based on the case circumstances. A minor personal injury case could net a settlement of a few thousand dollars, but a severe injury requiring months of rehabilitation could be worth six or even seven figures. It also depends on the quality of the attorney you hire. Our Greenville auto accident attorneys have an impressive record of obtaining sizable settlements and awards for our clients.

Should I See A Doctor After Any Car Accident?

In a minor fender bender where another driver tapped your bumper, perhaps you are certain you are uninjured and do not need medical attention. But for any accident more significant than that, you should go to the doctor or ER to be checked. If you do not go to the doctor at first and notice the injury a few days later, you could have difficulty filing a personal injury claim. The insurance company may contend that your injury was unrelated to the accident.

What Should I Never Do After A South Carolina Car Accident?

There are several things you should not do after any car accident. Most importantly, do not admit fault to the other driver. You might be upset and say things you should not and do not mean. Saying the accident was your fault could compromise any claim or lawsuit you file later.