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Bus, Train, and Airplane Accidents

Greenville Bus Accident Attorneys

When using public transportation or mass transit systems, people place their lives in the hands of vehicle operators and the companies that maintain those vehicles. When a serious collision or accident occurs, many people are hurt. Rarely is it just one.

Unfortunately, when several people are injured in an accident, insurance companies and the companies that are held liable for the accident may attempt to achieve a mass settlement, in which the injured individuals, or families of those who have died are forced to split one lump sum of money.

At Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC our Greenville bus accident lawyers fight back against these kinds of judgments. We see every injured person as one instance of injury, meaning if you have been injured, you deserve to have your individual medical needs and financial struggles taken into consideration when negotiating a settlement or taking a claim to court. We prepare for every case as though it can go to trial, investigating the matter thoroughly, quickly responding to our clients’ needs and making sure that independent medical evaluations take place.

Our skillful attorneys have worked with a wide range of mass transit accident injuries across South Carolina, including:

In some of these matters, the case must be brought against public sector companies or government municipalities. For example, if the conditions for traffic management are not properly maintained (i.e., traffic light malfunction, damaged roads, bridge collapses, etc.), government managed organizations could be held liable for injuries incurred in an accident.

We will not hesitate to take on cases within the private or public sector. Not all law firms are willing to do this. What matters most to our firm is helping our clients get the care they need, securing the maximum compensation possible in a case, no matter what organization is at fault.