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In 1986, Michael Parham opened the doors of our Greenville law firm with a focus on providing top-tier legal representation to individuals in difficult and complex personal injury matters. Our firm has long taken special interest in medical malpractice and products liability cases, and the ways that these matters affect the health and long-term needs of the individuals who have suffered.

Our firm was built on a mentality of teamwork, with strong leadership that is backed by accomplished attorneys who work together in building substantial cases for personal injury claims like medical malpractice, nursing home abuse and neglect, products liability, premises liability, catastrophic injuries like brain and spinal cord injuries, and wrongful death claims.

Standing Our Ground Against Tough Opponents

We have a longstanding reputation as dedicated attorneys who protect the “little guy” from tough opponents like insurance companies and negligent businesses with substantial financial and legal resources at their disposal. Despite the passing of our founding attorney, Michael Parham, in early 2012, we hold strong to his founding tenets of our practice:

  • Focused representation — If you are facing a personal injury matter, you need an attorney who thoroughly knows that area of law. A general practice firm cannot always provide such dedicated knowledge and skill. We don’t “dabble” in medical negligence. Founding attorney, Michael Parham, established our law firm with an emphasis on this complex area of law, and it remains our priority to this day.
  • Teamwork and collaboration — Every case has a dedicated lead attorney to give focused attention to our clients, but we still operate with the belief that two heads are better than one. Our attorneys and legal staff work collaboratively to give our clients the answers they need while pursuing the most effective strategies for recovering compensation.
  • Access to expert, independent medical professionals — After decades of experience in this area of law, we have built a vast network of valuable legal resources in medical malpractice and personal injury matters. These resources make a difference in developing a case for your claim and the full financial consequences of your injury and future care needs.

We are known for our skill and experience in this complex area of law, and it shows in the volume of referrals we receive from medical professionals and other attorneys whose patients and clients need to recover the maximum compensation possible for their claims. If you are concerned about the care you have received from a medical professional, or know that your personal injury needs to be addressed in the legal realm, we are here to help you get the answers and care you need.

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