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Few law firms in South Carolina have dedicated extensive resources and years of experience to personal injury matters, particularly in cases of medical malpractice. At Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC that is exactly what we have done.

Our clients have turned to hospitals and medical professionals for help, trusting them with their health and well-being. When medical professionals, family physicians, specialists, chiropractors, surgeons or hospital personnel have failed to uphold the highest standards of care, our lawyers step in to help.

Skill And Experience In Medical Malpractice Cases Throughout South Carolina

As respected and experienced South Carolina medical malpractice attorneys, we take on large hospitals and organizations with confidence. They have the financial and legal resources to protect themselves and their bottom lines to the fullest extent, and we stand up for our clients to the same degree in cases of:

  • Diagnosis and treatment errors — Misdiagnosis leading to harmful treatment or failure to diagnose cancer or serious conditions, resulting in permanent injury or death
  • Surgery malpractice — A slip of the knife, wrong operation, objects left inside the patient, anesthesia errors and post-surgical neglect
  • Medication errors — Wrong drug, wrong dose or harmful cross reactions
  • Birth injury — Errors in prenatal care, labor and delivery, or postnatal negligence leading to brain injury, nerve damage or infant death
  • Other actions, policies or decisions constituting physician malpractice, chiropractic malpractice, hospital malpractice or nursing malpractice

Your injury should be valued appropriately, reflecting the serious consequences and long-term financial and medical needs you may have. Our firm has the resources needed to get independent medical opinions and substantial evidence for your claim, so make sure to get the help you need as soon as possible.

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