Greenville Birth Injury Lawyers

The death or injury of a child during birth is overwhelming and tragic. As your family deals with the difficult issues that lie ahead, having an experienced Greenville birth injury attorney to take on your legal battle can help you get the compensation you need and deserve for this devastating matter.

The attorneys of Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC are familiar with the technical and medical aspects of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the grounds for birth injury lawsuits:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) from lack of oxygen, excessive suction or head trauma during delivery.
  • Cerebral palsy — Impaired motor skills from brain damage.
  • Shoulder dystocia — Erb’s palsy and other nerve damage from improper delivery technique or forceps injury when the baby’s shoulders become stuck in the birth canal.
  • Breech birth — Failure to turn the fetus before delivery, leading to physical trauma or brain damage from a prolapsed (pinched) umbilical cord.
  • Failure to perform C-section when a vaginal delivery is ill-advised, or perform a timely emergency C-section when indicated.
  • Negligent prenatal care — Failure to identify birth defects or fetal distress, administer tocolytics to stave off preterm labor, or diagnose preeclampsia (high blood pressure) or gestational diabetes in the mother.
  • Failure to monitor the newborn for respiratory distress, jaundice or other life-threatening conditions.
  • Injury or death of the mother during childbirth or after childbirth due to surgical errors, anesthesia errors, or the failure to diagnose cases of maternal hemorrhaging, pulmonary embolism, birth asphyxia, etc.

The hospital and medical professionals you trusted the most important part of your life with should adhere to strict protocols and understand how to make accurate and appropriate decisions regarding the health of a child and mother during childbirth. When they fall short and cause serious injury, our lawyers can step in with help from expert independent medical professionals who can speak on the procedures and the ways that your injury could and should have been avoided.

Whether your substantial injury or wrongful death claim involves long-term disabilities, disfigurement or illness, we can work to pursue the maximum compensation possible to cover your medical and financial needs.

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“I was able to trust in the fact that Blake and his firm were handling my case with great expertise and professionalism, which allowed me to spend my time focusing on helping my children heal. March 19, 2011 is a day that changed my life forever, but the day I met Blake Smith forever…”

– Misti


“I got my faith back after I suffered so much despair at the hands of a medical community that should be held accountable for fundamental errors that very nearly destroyed me. I will never ever be able to repay Blake Smith for believing in me and my case. Never.”

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