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Medications typically come with a long list of side effects that users are technically considered forewarned about through fine print. While not everyone is made fully aware of these risks, it makes minor side effects and temporary issues from medication not substantial enough for a personal injury claim. However, when the effects of medication lead to long-term injury or wrongful death, then it can be appropriate to pursue compensation for those consequences.

At Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC our Greenville medication error lawyers have helped individuals across South Carolina get the financial compensation they deserve for improperly administered medication or the lack of medication administered by nursing home staff, pharmacists, doctors, nurses or other medical care professionals.

A wide range of situations can bring about poorly handled medication and the devastating injuries that follow:

  • Wrong drug — The doctor writes the wrong prescription (or the pharmacist or nurse misreads it).
  • Overdose — The patient receives a massive dosage, resulting in heart failure, stroke, brain damage, organ damage or other serious complication.
  • Failure to administer — The patient does not get critical medication as ordered by the doctor.
  • Pharmacy misfill — The pharmacist puts the wrong pills in the bottle, or a staffer mixes the order up with another customer’s.
  • Contraindications — The doctor and/or pharmacist fail to account for dangerous interactions with other medications, known drug allergies, or other medical conditions incompatible with that drug.

Even if a medication error was performed by a single pharmacist or medical professional, the facility or organization that the pharmacist works for can be held liable for the error and the damages it caused. Hospitals, pharmacies and other medical care facilities should have effective systems in place to both prevent medication errors and quickly correct errors when they arise.

Our attorneys not only bring in expert, independent medical professionals to assess the physical and emotional trauma that our clients have gone through, we also thoroughly evaluate the systems that were in place (or not in place) to make sure that such serious errors do not occur. With decades of experience in this complex legal matter, we can confidently take on cases in negotiations or settlements as well as in the courtroom to help make sure you get the maximum compensation possible for your claim.

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