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False claims and birth trauma lead to successful lawsuit

Many women choose to write out a birth plan when they are pregnant. Most of these women understand that the birth plan isn't written in stone. Instead, some factors of the birth plan might have to change to keep the woman and her baby safe during the labor and delivery process. Still, there are limits to what a woman should have to go through when she is in labor.

Explore compensation options for birth injuries

No woman goes into labor thinking that she wants to be held down during the birthing process or that she wants the medical staff to hold her baby in the birth canal instead of allowing the baby to be born. That happened to one woman at a hospital that claimed to support natural births and the mother's wishes. That woman suffered a birth injury known as pudendal neuralgia. She opted to seek compensation for that injury and other facets of her birth experience and was ultimately awarded $16 million.

Birth injury case challenges Feres doctrine

Imagine losing a loved one to medical malpractice and being told that you can't take any action to hold the medical staff accountable. That is the reality that many military families are facing because of the Feres doctrine. This doctrine states that military members can't sue the federal government. One lieutenant commander in the Coast Guard is bucking that system and has filed a lawsuit to try to hold Naval Hospital Bremerton liable for his wife's death.

How tools and technology may cause birth injuries

Medical technology has increased massively over the years, and this is a very good thing. It means that people can be treated for diseases they could never be treated for before, children who never would have lived through childbirth are born and they are healthy, and overall wellness is better than it has been before. However, these advances in technology and the use of medical tools can also cause some injuries during birth. A few examples are as follows:

What is shoulder dystocia during delivery?

Many women are able to give birth to a baby vaginally without having any complications. For some women, the size of her pelvis compared to the size of the baby doesn't make a vaginal birth possible. The size of the baby's shoulders, for example, can get stuck in the birth canal. That leads to a shoulder dystocia, which is a very serious birth issue.

Birth injuries can cause life-long problems for a child

No woman goes into a medical facility for her labor and delivery thinking that she or her baby will be harmed. Sadly, there are some instances in which the baby does get harmed. Birth injuries, including brachial palsy and cerebral palsy, can be the result of medical malpractice or negligence during the birth of the child. In those cases, claims for compensation are often forthcoming.

Birth injuries might call for legal action

From the moment a woman finds out she is pregnant, she is likely to seek out the best care that she can for during her pregnancy. From that moment until her baby is born, the medical team must work to ensure that she and the baby both receive care that can help them both thrive and survive.

What are Erb's palsy and cerebral palsy?

Birth injuries can come in a host of different forms. Two of the possible birth injuries that a baby can face are Erb's palsy and cerebral palsy. Both of these conditions are commonly association with occurrences during the actual birth process; however, it is possible for cerebral palsy to occur before birth begins.

Birth injuries can lead to serious life-long issues

Giving birth to a child is something that comes with a lot of uncertainty. In the best cases, the baby is born without incident. In the worst cases, the baby or the mother suffers an injury during the birth. That injury can lead to life-long troubles or even death. If the birth injury was caused by an error made by the medical staff, there is a chance that you might opt to seek compensation to help cover the damages associated with the birth injury.

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