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Brain Injuries

Greenville Brain Injury Attorneys

Too many personal injury cases that are considered catastrophic still get settled without maximum compensation for the injured person. Highly traumatic injuries to the brain, spinal cord or soft tissue can change your life forever.

Our duty as Greenville brain injury lawyers is to prove liability and prove the extensive financial need for long-term medical care and financial well-being. These injuries often change lives permanently, requiring lifetime medical attention and making it impossible for an injured individual to return to work in the position that he or she once performed.

Helping You Get The Care You Need For Your Injury

We consult with life care planners, economists and medical professionals to assemble a compensation package to cover:

A brain injury could mean the loss of function regarding your mental ability as well as your physical ability. You could have vision loss, could have the loss of control over your limbs or extremities, could lose your balance or ability to walk independently, or the loss of any other body function due to a brain injury.

Whether your traumatic brain injury was caused by a medical malpractice matter, a motor vehicle accident, a concussion or stroke caused by a negligent act, or something else, we can help. We have a legal physician’s assistant consultant on staff whose medical school training helps assess the extent of injury, guide clients to appropriate medical treatment and determine long-term needs. Our attorneys can help to build a case for full compensation that is crucial to our clients’ success.