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Charleston Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Charleston Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you or a family member were injured due to the negligence of a physician, nurse, or hospital worker, you may be experiencing feelings of anger and frustration. Anyone who has experienced complications or death at the hands of a medical professional may be entitled to compensation.

The attorneys at Parham Smith & Archenhold, LLC, have experience defending medical malpractice cases. We will work to recover on your behalf for the following medical malpractice lawsuits:

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is the failure of a healthcare professional to provide an acceptable standard of care. In order for the behavior to be considered negligent, the following components must be satisfied:

Compensatory Damages

Most money damages will take into account economic and noneconomic losses. These losses, also known as damages, are awarded in an attempt to make the injured party “whole” again.

Economic damages are those losses that have a financial component. These losses directly take money out of your pocket and may include the following:

In contrast, noneconomic damages are those non-pecuniary losses that affect your quality of life. These may include:

How Long Do You Have to Sue for Medical Malpractice in Carolina?

According to South Carolina Code §15-3-545, the victim of medical malpractice has three years to bring a legal claim against another party. If you fail to bring a claim within that time period, you will be unable to take legal action in the future.

Using credible evidence is important in any lawsuit. The statute of limitations is put into place to preserve evidence. Once too much time has passed, physical evidence will deteriorate, and witnesses’ memories will become grainy.

If you meet the criteria of any exceptions, you may be able to delay the start of the statute of limitations “clock” or even pause it if it has already begun. This is known as “tolling” the statute of limitations, which will extend the amount of time you have to bring your case to court.

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