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Truck Accidents

Charleston Truck Accident Attorneys

Hundreds of thousands of truck accidents occur each year, the majority of which are completely avoidable. Many road users do not realize the safety concerns that a tractor-trailer truck presents.

While a large SUV may weigh 6,000 pounds, a fully laden truck can top the scale at 80,000 pounds. With such a substantial size difference between a large truck and a passenger vehicle, a collision is bound to result in devastating consequences.

If you have been the victim of a truck accident, our Charleston truck accident attorneys are only a click or call away.

Hazards of Sharing the Road with Large Trucks

Large trucks pose safety concerns that are not an issue in smaller vehicles:

Types of Truck Accidents

Role of a Charleston Truck Accident Lawyer

No matter your injuries, a truck accident lawyer will help you recover the most compensation possible through the following:

Collecting Evidence

A truck accident lawyer may collect video footage, photographs of the accident scene, and even data from a truck’s electronic logging device (ELD). An ELD will record how many hours the engine was running and driving time, which can be critical information in a truck accident.

Obtaining Medical Records

A large component of a truck accident claim is obtaining medical records. Medical records will show the extent and severity of your injuries. An experienced truck accident lawyer will know which doctor’s notes and medical imaging are pertinent to your case.

Preparing a Demand Package

A truck accident lawyer will help in preparing a demand package, which will be submitted to the insurance company. This will detail the facts of your case, your medical treatment, and the truck driver’s negligence, along with making a demand and offering consequences in the event that the insurance company fails to respond.

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