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Were You Exposed to a Harmful Substance?

South Carolina Toxic Exposure Injury Lawyers

If you have a life-threatening or chronic health condition because of contact with hazardous chemicals, asbestos or other disease-causing agent, an attorney with experience in toxic tort litigation can assert your claim for monetary damages.

The personal injury trial lawyers of Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC have secured verdicts and settlements for toxic exposure illness on behalf of clients across South Carolina. We have the legal skills and medical knowledge to hold the negligent parties responsible in this complex and hard-fought litigation.

Toxic Exposure Injury?
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“Tort” is the legal term for a wrongful act (conscious criminal act or negligence) for which the victim can bring a lawsuit. A “toxic” tort occurs when the victim suffers injury from exposure to some sort of danger in the environment:

  • Industrial solvents (e.g., toluene, benzene)
  • Asbestos dust or fibers (work-related or from home renovations)
  • Anhydrous ammonia and agricultural chemicals
  • Lead (paint, toys, old plumbing)
  • Radiation (radon gas, overexposure to X-rays)
  • Infectious medical waste
  • Groundwater (private well) contamination

Minor irritation or even serious but temporary symptoms are not good grounds for a lawsuit. However, toxic exposure can also cause debilitating lung disease, brain damage, liver damage, skin disorders or cancer, and sometimes death.

Our job is to identify the source of the contaminant, establish a direct link to your illness, and prove that the source was negligent in using, storing, transporting or even possessing the toxic substance. We seek to recover damages for your medical expenses and future medical care, lost earnings, pain and suffering, permanent disability and reduced enjoyment of life. In cases of egregious negligence or knowing violations of state or federal regulations, punitive damages may apply.

Toxic exposure cases are often difficult to prove. Illnesses may develop from long-term exposure or take years to manifest. The contaminant (and the negligent party) may be long gone. Symptoms may be similar to any number of other illnesses. There may be little applicable insurance coverage.

Our trial lawyers have prevailed against large corporations with considerable resources to fight these claims. We have learned how to trace the origins of toxic materials, where to look for primary and third-party liability coverage, and developed a network of experts in different fields who can help link a particular toxin to a specific illness. We also have our own medical professional on staff who helps document clients’ medical care, and advises on the comprehensive damages required for a permanent disability and lifelong treatment.

If you suspect toxic exposure has caused your serious health condition or a loved one’s death, contact our Greenville law office today. We offer a free, honest case evaluation at 877-805-6431, or contact us online. We take cases throughout South Carolina and welcome attorney referrals.