Parham Smith and Archenhold Announces Merger with Spears and Wicker Law

Greenville, SC February 13, 2017

Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC, a personal injury and medical negligence firm, is expanding its presence in the State of South Carolina by merging with Spears and Wicker, PA, a law firm that shares the same focus in its litigation practice.

The new firm, Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC, retains its name while having offices statewide, including Greenville, Spartanburg and Charleston. The merger will result in the firm having six lawyers focused upon significant personal injury litigation including medical malpractice, products liability, nursing home negligence and similar types of cases. The lawyers include S. Blakely Smith, Managing Partner, Brooke Archenhold, Robert Jones, Ashlee Winkler, Grey Wicker and Michael Spears, who has agreed to become Of Counsel to the firm.

“I cannot tell you how excited we are about this merger,” said Smith. “This merger absolutely enhances our commitment to serving the citizens of South Carolina who have been injured.” This solidifies the firm’s ability to handle complex litigation. “Adding Mike Spears and Grey Wicker to the firm will be of benefit to everyone,” continued Smith.

The two firms have been in existence for decades and have developed reputations for success and ethics. “The synergy that exists between the two firms allows us to serve clients with exceptional resources and experience,” said Archenhold. “Our incredible support staff has made this an easy transition as we position ourselves in the coming years.”

“The enhancement of our ability to quickly respond to client inquiries is a direct result of our integration of substantial technological, administrative, and research-based abilities that now enable us to focus our trial-hardened team on the most serious cases throughout the length and breadth of South Carolina, “said Mike Spears.

Both firms have had considerable trial and appellate court success and have been recognized throughout the state for those successes.

The Firm can be reached in Greenville at 864-242-9008, Spartanburg at 864-583-3535 and Charleston at 864-590-5599.

For more information about Parham Smith and Archenhold please visit

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“I was able to trust in the fact that Blake and his firm were handling my case with great expertise and professionalism, which allowed me to spend my time focusing on helping my children heal. March 19, 2011 is a day that changed my life forever, but the day I met Blake Smith forever…”

– Misti


“I got my faith back after I suffered so much despair at the hands of a medical community that should be held accountable for fundamental errors that very nearly destroyed me. I will never ever be able to repay Blake Smith for believing in me and my case. Never.”

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